Mini golf course (A)

Live the mini golf experience, wherever and whenever you want! Ideal for all types of events, our 9 hole mini golf course is a must have activity and an original way to animate your events. The Fiesta team takes care of the delivery, installation and dismantling of the course.

Recommended age 5 years old & up
Dimensions You will need a minimum space of approximately 25 feet x 35 feet to install the 9 modules (9-hole course).
Installation interior / exterior
Capacity up to 18 players at a time (kids & adults)

Specifications: Includes all the necessary accessories, which means the putters and balls, as well as the scorecards and the pencils.

Price: 895$ (for one day, including installation, pick up and delivery within the perimeter indicated below). Fees will apply for deliveries located outside the perimeter and are based on excess mileage.