Soccer Fever

The Soccer Fever inflatable game puts players in the competitive mode.

Maximum capacity 2 players at a time
Recommended age 5 years old and up
Dimension 15’ (long) x 16’ (wide) x 13’ (height)
Power supply 1 x 15 Amp / 110 V / 1 blower
Set up Indoor/Outdoor

Description: Each player tries to make goals and when the goal is scored, the return of the ball isn the path of the opponent. The first player who will succeed in getting rid of all his soccer balls will be the big winner.

Price: 495$ (for one day, including installation, pick up & delivery within the perimeter indicated below). Fees apply for deliveries outside the perimeter indicated below and are calculated on the excess mileage.

Scope of delivery

Outdoor or indoor installation: April 1st to October 31st

Indoor installations: November 1st to March 31st