Sticky Wall

Everyone has seen the Velcro Wall on TV and in the movies. Now you have the opportunity to try it out for yourselves. With Velcro suits available in both adult and children''s sizes, you can be sure that you''ll have people lining up to see just how high they can jump!

Maximum capacity 1 or 2 players at a time (minimum height required: 36 inches or 95 cm)
Dimension 20' (long) x 11' (wide) x 13’ (height)
Power supply 1 x 15 Amp / 110 V / 1 blower
Set up Indoor/Outdoor

IMPORTANT: Velcro suits are available in both children and adult sizes. 4 Velcro suits are included with the rental; size small, medium, large & extra large.

Price: 595$ (for one day, including installation, pick up & delivery within the perimeter indicated below). Fees apply for deliveries outside the perimeter indicated below and are calculated on the excess mileage.

Scope of delivery

Outdoor or indoor installation: April 1st to October 31st

Indoor installations: November 1st to March 31st